Lukzuk Village


Lukzuk community centre and dormitory is located within an old cluster of village houses. Although the majority of these mud-brick houses have been abandoned and villagers now live in modern, concrete framed buildings, the original settlement still holds meaning for the villagers as it contains their ancestral hall. The idea of the community center is to provide dormitory space for visiting students undertaking educational workshops in the village together with local children. The building provides a large kitchen and event space with toilet and shower facilities. The idea is that this building will become a resource to the village allowing them to use the spaces for education, play, village meetings, weddings or however they see fit. The inner block is covered in a mesh screen that prevents mosquitoes from entering the interior, sleeping spaces. A reed bed filters grey water from the toilets before it enters the nearby river.

Date: 2011-ongoing Size: 485 sqm Total Cost: 98,000 usd Unit Cost: 200 usd/sqm