Design architecture
We work in areas where there is only generic construction. We aim to make architecture – to make spaces that go beyond pure utility: that inspire through their experience of light; material and organization. We source funding and engage different stakeholders to create opportunities for innovative architecture.

Propose programs that offer more than just use
Buildings are more than just a sequence of functional spaces. We enrich our projects with other programs that are open for wider community use such as public spaces; playgrounds; reading rooms and informal gathering areas. These projects strengthen villages and pave the way for future development.

Innovate with limited resources
We hate excess. We revel in low budgets and minimal resources. We work in areas which have limited access to technology, materials or construction expertise. We innovate with what’s available: seeking solutions for energy saving, re-use of materials and water collection and filtration.

Strategise for the long-term
Our projects are located in areas that are volatile and about to undergo major transformation. Through research we investigate what is there and what is happening before making a proposal. Rather than starting from scratch we believe that the future of an area is dependent on the uniqueness of its present condition. We strategically intervene to ensure that our projects and the communities in which they are located can adapt to future change.

Our Goals

  • To make architecture that actively contributes to the future transformation of the areas in which they are located.
  • To make architecture that influences policy makers in their approach to the design of schools, community facilities and other public buildings.
  • To find new models of rural development that enables the social, economic and spatial evolution of villages that resists the overwhelming process of urbanization.